Plumbers With A Purpose

Committed to serving the people of the Thames Valley and surrounding areas

Peoples Plumbers provide professional general plumbing services across the Thames Valley, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and beyond.

A New Approach

To Plumbing.

Peoples Plumbers Ltd was founded in 2003, when two ex-servicemen decided to join forces, switch careers and start up a plumbing business with a clearly defined customer service ethos. If that sounds like a bit of marketing jargon, it is – but in a good way!

The partners – ex-Gurkha officers – were working in marketing for large multi-national companies when they decided to enter the plumbing trade. Their market research showed that other plumbing concerns were falling down on punctuality and clarity, so Peoples Plumbers set out to change all that – and they have.

Customers Come First

Peoples Plumbers have always put their customers at the heart of the business. That’s just as important as having the skills to do the job (which, of course, they do) and being Gas Safe registered. The company only employs technicians who understand and share these values.

There’s an operations room where clients are booked in and kept informed about their plumbing projects, and the customer focus even extends to “Customer Days” where you can have a day’s training on how to deal with simple plumbing issues yourself.

Prompt, punctual, transparent and fair.

We pride ourselves on our level of work.

What the Future Holds

Peoples Plumbers have experienced enormous success thanks to utilising a combination of plumbing skills, excellent customer care and reliability, coupled with the innate discipline and organisational traits that you would expect from a company with this background.

They’re not sitting back on their laurels, however, and have some interesting plans for the future, which involve the development of their new brand, Click A Tap, making plumbing even easier for people to access. Intrigued? The new website is in development now, and will be launched in Spring 2021!

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